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Local notes (590 field)

We make a distinction between notes we add to the OCLC master record and notes added only to the local UCSD record in Millennium. Notes added to the OCLC master record generally must apply to all copies of the item and are generally recorded as 500 notes or as one of the several specifically defined 5XX notes. Follow the appropriate guidelines for adding these types of notes to OCLC master record.

Local notes are used carefully (and sparingly) to describe something specific to UCSD materials or cataloging. Local notes can apply to all copies of an item, for example a note indicating the frontispiece is a portrait of Theodore Geisel, or specific to a single copy of an item, for example a note indicating the item is autographed by Theodore Geisel. In general, local notes are added to reflect characteristics of an item considered important to the UCSD community. We generally use field 590 to record these notes. Do not add local notes recorded in field 590 to the OCLC master record.

The following are UCSD cataloging procedures that specify use of 590 notes. If the type of note you are intending to use is not covered by these procedures, or if any question arises as you apply them, contact your supervisor. 

Added Volumes (Monographs)

Analytics Procedure

Composite Record Cataloging (Cataloging Remote Access Electronic Serials using the Print Record Version)

Content notes for online databases

Special Collections & Archives General Cataloging Guidelines

Integrating Resources Cataloging (Local Supplement)

Approved by MSD Unit Heads August 24, 2011
Revised June 9, 2017