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Recording Volume Information in Item Records

For analyzed sets and serials, see Analytics (Serial & Monographic)

For unanalyzed monographic sets and serials:

In Millennium, enter volume information in a non-MARC v-tag field in the item record and include all necessary captions (volume designations) and enumeration.

050 4 HC257|b.D56 1989

v  v.1

Captions (see also ANSI/NISO Z39.71)

For a list of approved abbreviations see RDA, Appendix B.7-B.10.  If applicable abbreviations are not present in that list, other standard lists or ISO 832 rules may be used.  If no abbreviation is available, record the caption in its full form. When two forms of an abbreviation are provided in a list, use the shorter one (for example, “v.” not “vol.”). 

When a caption is abbreviated and ends in a period, no blank shall separate the caption and the enumeration.  An unabbreviated caption is followed by a blank. 


v.1 pt.3

reel 32

If the parts lack captions (e.g., unnumbered issues), do not supply captions.  Supply the name of the part (first letter capitalized) and/or enumeration by itself.




When a symbol with a recognized textual equivalent appears on the piece as a caption, record the textual equivalent or its abbreviation. 

#6 (on piece) should be recorded as no.6

Record captions beginning with a lowercase letter, unless the language of the caption requires an uppercase first letter. 


Captions for monographs (UCSD policy)

    • Existing multipart set (UCSD added volume): Follow caption already used for previously cataloged items.
    • New multipart set: Use abbreviations for captions found on piece for Roman language items (e.g., if you have Band 7 of a multi-volume set, you should use “Bd.7” in the v-tag); for non-Roman language items, use only the following prescribed English pattern:  "v.", "pt.", and "no." 

Captions for serials (UCSD policy)

Follow the “ser., v., no., pt.” hierarchy, regardless of what it says on the piece.  The first letter of captions for named issues or sections should be capitalized (e.g., Suppl.).

ser.1 v.3 pt.7 Suppl. 

v.2 no.5 

Approved by RMPS, December 8, 2015