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Order of Attached Records in Roger

Put attached records (i.e. item and checkin records) in the following order by general location:


This order is based on ease of availability for users. Geisel and BLB are both on campus so they are listed first. Next come the two off-site locations, with the Annex coming before SRLF since materials arrive more quickly from the Annex and going through ILL is not required. SC&A is the last of the physical locations since users cannot check out materials from this location. NET comes last since these records are suppressed from the public display.

Sometimes a general location will have two or more attached records with multiple specific locations listed on a bibliographic record. List the copies in the order that they are most available to patrons using your best judgment. Example (not exhaustive):

Specific Location Note
Geisel Reference Listed first because it is always available for the user.
Geisel Stacks Listed second because it can be charged out.
Geisel Micro Listed third because it can still be retrieved by the patron but requires special equipment to read it.
Geisel Circ Desk Listed fourth because it can only be used for a limited time (e.g. Reserves).

*SC&A records aren't normally combined with records for other locations; the only exceptions are serials and UCSD dissertations.

**The NET checkin record should be listed last, however, the NET item record should be the first item record. This is because we don't want to have to move the NET item record every time we add a new print item record for an active serial.

Prepared by: Ryan Finnerty, October 30, 2001
Approved by: Cataloging Committee, Acquisitions Committee, Information Services Committee
Revised by: Ryan Finnerty, July 17, 2015