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Materials that should be bounced to the CJK Unit

 When to bounce:

  • If the item has non-Latin CJK characters in titles, indications of responsibility, and/or a substantial portion of the content, bounce to the CJK Unit. In case of doubt, bounce to the CJK Unit.
  • Please write "bounce for non-Latin data checking", your initials, and date.

For copy cataloging: Please bounce to the CJK Unit BEFORE you catalog the item.

For original cataloging:  Please catalog as much as you reasonably can (other than NACO) without understanding non-Latin CJK characters before bouncing to the CJK Unit, save the record in OCLC save file, and provide the save file number. 

To whom to bounce: CJK Unit Head

After reviewing the item, the CJK Unit will either process or return it to you.

Prepared by Shi Deng, et al., June 2, 2003;
Revised by Shi Deng, May 2, 2012
Approved by the Roger Metadata Policy Subgroup