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UC San Diego Practice on Inputting Non-MARC-8 Non-Latin Characters


1. OCLC master records:

When required to input a non-MARC-8 non-Latin character in OCLC Master record:

  • Enter the name of the character within square brackets using the Unicode standard if available (for example, enter [schwa]), or for CJK characters, enter the reading of the character (for example, enter [yin]). For examples see the Unicode charts webpage, http://www.unicode.org/charts/ which has a name index.
  • Add 500 note to indicate Unicode is used for the non-MARC-8 character.

Example 1. In OCLC#251162994, Author’s name: 徐釚. “釚”is a non-MARC-8 character.

Input 100 & 245:
100 1_ 徐[Qiu], ǂd 1636-1708.
100 1_ Xu, Qiu, ǂd 1636-1708.
245 10 詞苑叢談 / ǂc 徐[Qiu]撰 ; 唐圭璋校注.
245 10 Ci yuan cong tan / ǂc Xu Qiu zhuan ; Tang Guizhang jiao zhu.

Add 500: either way is OK
500 Unicode for author's first name [Qiu] is: U+91DA.
500 Missing Chinese character (Unicode: U+91DA) in the author’s name consists of 金 in radical and 九.

Example 2. In OCLC#45601833, Author’s name: 靏見誠良. “靏”is a non-MARC-8 character.

Input 245 & 700:
245 00 金融危機と革新 : ǂb 歴史から現代へ / ǂc 伊藤正直, [Tsuru]見誠良, 浅井良夫編著.
245 00 Kin'yū kiki to kakushin : ǂb rekishi kara gendai e / ǂc Itō Masanao, Tsurumi Masayoshi, Asai Yoshio hencho.
700 1_ [Tsuru]見誠良, ǂd 1944-
700 1_ Tsurumi, Masayoshi, ǂd 1944-

Add 500: either way is OK
500 Unicode for the 2nd author's last name [Tsuru] is: U+974F.
500 Missing Kanji (Chinese) character (Unicode: U+974F) in the author’s name consists of 雨 in radical and appearing above 鹤.

Example 3. In OCLC#642661045, Title: 中国特有金线鲃属鱼类. “鲃” is a non-MARC-8 character.

Input 245:
24510 中国特有金线[ba]属鱼类 …
24510 Zhongguo te you jin xian ba shu yu lei …

Add 500: either way is OK
500 Unicode for Missing Chinese character [ba] in title is: U+9C83. 
500 Missing Chinese character (Unicode: U+9C83) in title consists of 魚 (as radical) and 巴.

2. Millennium records:

After exporting the record into Millennium, replace the transliterated substitute with its non-Latin character.

Database Maintenance:

The CJK Unit will periodically search for records loaded via batch in Millennium that either have the dummy substitute of “〓” or a transliteration in square bracket in the 880 fields. The CJK student will edit records as below:

1. OCLC master records:

  • Replace a dummy substitute with the transliteration in square bracket, if applicable.
  • Add 500 note to indicate Unicode for the missing character, if applicable.

2. Millennium records:

  • Replace a dummy substitute or the transliteration in square brackets with the real non-Latin character in Unicode, if applicable.
  • Include the 500 note indicating the Unicode for the non-MARC-8 character, if applicable.
  • For SCP records, consult supervisor.


In OCLC, when catalogers need to input non-MARC-8 non-Latin characters, practice is inconsistent: some input a dummy substitute for the missing character, for example “〓“, others input transliteration of the character within square brackets, for example [shen] for “珅”.  Locally, we replace the substituted dummy or bracketed transliteration with the real character and add a 910 field: 910 CJK scripts edited locally: [field/subfield] [romanization of character edited].  UCSD revised its instructions on Nov. 19, 2014 based on the following message from OCLC:

OCLC Message of the Day about MARC8

Drafted by Shi Deng, November 21, 2014
Approved by the Roger Metadata Policy Subgroup, December 9, 2014