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UC San Diego NACO Contribution Procedure

Submit your NACO contributions through UCSD, except for music records. Those must go through the NACO Music Project Funnel.

Review at UCSD will be done over email.

Do your work in the OCLC Connexion Client and save your records in either the online or the shared local file. When you send the reviewer an email saying your record is ready, just tell him/her the save number and whether it is in the local or online file. Also include in this email any NACO records that need to be deleted or any BFM needed on LC bib records.

The local NACO file is at P:\MSD\NACO\DefaultAuth.auth.db

If using the local file, DO NOT use the local status of “rjf from [your initials].” This is an obsolete practice. The advantage of using email is that we have a lasting record of the exchange between the contributor and the reviewer. Plus the email serves as a reminder for the reviewer to look at the record.

If you have a PCC-level OCLC authorization, then you can contribute the record yourself after it has finished being reviewed. Be sure to also bring the record into Roger, either creating a new record or overlaying an existing one.

When contributing yourself, you MUST go into the Roger copy of the record and put your statistics note in the 910 field. The note looks like this:


The number represents how many NACO records you worked on when you don’t need to bring all the records into Roger.  For example, if you update the AAP for a creator, you will also need to update any associated records (such as name/title records). Not all of these might be needed in Roger, so update the number in the statistics note accordingly.

If your reviewer contributes the record, he/she will add the statistics note.

If at any time you have a complicated or weird situation, feel free to talk to your reviewer in person.

Once you are off review, you will contribute all records yourself and bring them into Roger. However, if any NACO records need to be deleted or if any BFM is needed on LC bib records, email the LCCNs of these records to the UCSD NACO Coordinator.

Exporting records to Roger

If you need your records to go into the subject index and not the author or title index, then add this string to the Connexion record before exporting:

949  _1  *atab=asub;

If you need to overlay an existing Roger authority record, use one of these strings:

949  _1  *atab=a;ov-.a12345678; [use this for the name and title indexes]

949  _1  *atab=asub;ov-.a12345678; [use this for the subject index]

Original written by: Paul J. Weiss; approved by Section Heads, March 25, 2002
Revised by: Paul, November 28, 2006 
Reviewed by the NACO Contributors Group, November 28, 2006 
Approved by Cataloging Committee, December 12, 2006
Revised by: Ryan Finnerty, February 27, 2014