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Access Point Verification


Metadata Services sends all bibliographic records cataloged in Roger to an authority control vendor for authorities processing.

The vendor checks the access points for the correct form, makes corrections as necessary, and provides us with authority records for all name, title, series, genre, and subject access points. We load all the corrected bibliographic records plus the resulting authority records back into Roger, overlaying the bibliographic and most of the authority records. We also receive reports of possible additional corrections we can make to our records.

Authority records returned from the vendor are loaded so that they overlay existing authority records without review. We acknowledge that a few local variant and related access points that are not coded for protection may be lost, but we will gain so much more in getting current records with updated references.

MS accepts all 655 fields found on copy for most general collection materials but does not verify them; for Special Collections and moving image materials, we add or delete 655 fields as necessary and verify the form of all those that are kept. 

We do not add authority records for subject and form/genre subdivisions to Roger at this time.

Procedures for All Catalogers

  • Catalogers are responsible for formulating the correct form of access points for new entities.

  • Catalogers are encouraged to create NACO records for entities that lack an authority record in accordance with the NACO Policy and Procedure.

  • Generally, we do not make local authority records, however catalogers may make them for local dissertation authors, for series where we want to record special treatment decisions, or for local collections.

  • Catalogers will need to verify the correct form of an access point if they are adding or modifying an access point to existing copy or an existing UCSD record. This includes adding relationship designators to access points that are not previously controlled in WorldCat records.

  • Catalogers will need to verify all local access points against local authorized thesauri.

  • Fields needing to be changed or added to authority records can either be submitted through NACO or added to the local record, as appropriate. We will protect local fields from overlay as follows:Catalogers will still verify all access points on original and Special Collections records at the time of cataloging because of our quality commitment to OCLC and our institutional commitment to authority control, however, they will not need to export most categories of authority records from the LCNAF into Roger. We will still send these originally created and Special Collections bibliographic records out for processing in order to get current authority records, identify miscodings, and cleanup other possible errors.

    • Local 430 and 530 fields will have a first indicator of 9.

    • Local 090, 400,410,411,450,451,500,510,511,550, and 551 fields will have a second indicator of 9.

    • All local 64X fields will have a second indicator of 9.

    • All free-text local note fields (e.g. 66X & 67X) will be entered as 690s.

Procedures for Copy Cataloging

Copy Whose Headings Do Not Need To Be Verified

Catalogers will not verify the form of headings in copy nor download the associated authority records for most records. The following chart details the types of copy included in this category. These charts are meant to include all materials except musical materials.

Type of Record
Encoding Level
040 Coding
042 Coding
PCC Mono Records (includes DLC)
Member Mono Records
CONSER Serial Records (RDA and AACR2)*
Other Serial Records (RDA and AACR2)

*Some CONSER authentication codes may appear in combination with each other.

Copy Whose Headings Need to Be Checked

Some access points on certain types of copy will still need to be verified by the cataloger. The following chart details which access points still need to be verified. Note that some materials may fit into multiple categories. In such instances, err on the side of verifying the access point.

  How to Identify in OCLC How to Identify in MilCat
Authorized Titles (130,240,730)
Name Subjects (600,610,611)
Authorized Title Subjects (630)
Topical & Geographic Subjects (650,651)
Pre-RDA/AACR2 Serials
Desc: does not have "a"and 040$e does not have "rda"
CAT FORM does not have "a" and 040$e does not have "rda"
Verify if not already controlled in Connexion
 Do Not Verify
Serials with Encoding Level 5, 8, K, L, or M
ELvl: 5, 8, K, L, or M
 ENC LEVL: 5, 8, K, L, or M
Monos with Encoding Level 2, 3, or 5
ELvl: 2, 3, or 5
ENC LEVL: 2, 3, or 5
Musical and Moving Image Materials
Type: c, g, i, or j
REC TYPE: c, g, i, or j
Only verify instrumental order in pattern headings
Has a conference access point and is the proceedings of a conference
Verify only the conference access point, if not already controlled in Connexion
Do Not Verify

Items that do not fit into any category on the above charts should be bounced to the unit supervisor.

Written by Ryan Finnerty, October 11, 2004
Approved by Cataloging Committee, November 8, 2004
Revised June 30, 2005
Revised July 1, 2014 by Ryan Finnerty and Marílú Vallejo