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DAMS Ingest Streams

There are several methods to get metadata and associated files into the DAMS.  A custom plan and transformation can be created for a project, but ingest time can be greatly reduced if one of the standard, pre-mapped metods is used.  Each method has some some restirctions, but in most cases they can accomidate user supplied data.

  Excel MARC Custom
Start with DAMS Standard Excel template UCSD Roger bib number(s) Many possibilities
Time for ingest Short Short Variable, but probably long
 • part
  • sub-part
   • ?
Three levels None
(single items only)


Number of
associated files
Max. two files per object or component Max. two files per object or component Unlimited
File types
(with variable results)
TIFF or PDF source file
ZIP alternate
(for archiving)
(with variable results)