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UCSD Checklist for RDA Original and Enhance Cataloging

February 15, 2013, last updated March 16, 2013

1.   Look at your piece and think about WEMI:  what do you have here?

  Look at your copy (if any):  is it RDA, AACR2, something else?

  Do you have a reproduction?

  Make sure your copy has 040 $b eng

  Use the BSR to resolve questions

  See the LC Checklist for brief instructions


2.  Transcribe or verify manifestation attributes (bib record)

*020/022/024/027/028:  ISBN, ISSN (etc.)

*242:  Translated title

  245:  Title and statement of responsibility (no GMD in RDA records) (T)

  246: Varying form of title

*250:  Edition (T)

  255:  Cartographic content

  264:  Publication, etc.  Notice the copyright date. (T)

  300 $a and $c:  Extent and dimensions.  Repeatable.

  337:  Media type (controlled vocabulary)

  338:  Carrier type (controlled vocabulary)

*490:  Series statement (T)

  5xx:  Notes about the manifestation

*588:  Date source viewed (for online resources)

  77x:  Linking fields (to other manifestations; original version if reproduction)

*79x:  Local “hook”

 *830: Series statement (controlled vocabulary)

 *856: URL (universal, not local)


3.  Transcribe or verify expression attributes (bib record)

  Watch for translations and language editions

  041:  Language

  300 $b:  Illustrative content

  336:  Content type (controlled vocabulary)

  360:  Duration

  504:  Supplementary content

  520:  Summarization of content

  7xx:  Other contributors (e.g., translator)

  77x:  Linking fields (to other expressions)

  Remember relationship designators ($e in authorized access points)


4.  Transcribe or verify work attributes

1xx:  Creator

130 or 240:  Preferred title of the work and other elements if needed

500:  Nature of content

502:  Dissertation or thesis information

  505:  Contents note (is this work or expression?)

  700-730:  Other creators

  760-787:  Other relationships

  Remember relationship designators ($e in authorized access points)

  Conferences:  watch out for individual vs. ongoing conference AAPs


5.  Are there any item-level attributes to code?

  506:  Restrictions on access

  540:  Restrictions on use

*590:  Marks/inscriptions

*856:  URL



6.  Subject access

*050:  Call number

*655:  Genre headings

  6xx:  LC Subject heading(s)


7.  Fixed fields and other coding (Leader, 006,007, etc.)

*Different bytes are different WEMI entities; see BSR for instructions


8.  Authority record

046:  Associated dates

336:  Content type

368:  Additional corporate body attributes

370:  Associated place

371:  Address

372:  Field of activity

373:  Affiliation

374:  Occupation

375:  Gender

376:  Family information

377:  Associated language

378:  Fuller form of personal name

380:  Form of work

381:  Other distinguishing characteristic of work or expression

382:  Medium of performance

383:  Numeric designation of a musical work

384:  Key

670:  Source Data Found

*  See UCSD Local Guidelines

(T) Transcribed element