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The following retention, identity, check notes and checkmsg notes are added to checkin records by CARS Serials/Documents Acquisitions staff, Books & Serials Metadata Unit catalogers, or BLB serials processing staff. NOTE: Checkin records for ejournals are suppressed in ROGER. Therefore, public notes (retention and identity) in ejournal checkin records will display in the UC union catalog only.

1. Retention notes (internal tag: "r" and “h”)
These notes describe retention decisions made by collection managers.  Two separate notes are entered into the checkin record, one using the internal tag “h” and the other using internal tag “r”:


a. internal tag “r”: Enter retention notes here so they will print on the labels.

Example: r       Retain latest only

b. internal tag “h”:  Enables retention notes to display on ROGER and in the UC union catalog. There is no space limitation in the ROGER display.

Example: h 866 _0 |80|zRetention: Retain latest only

Use standardized wording in retention notes, following the formats below:

Latest in [location]

  • Latest in Music Ref

Latest in [location], earlier in [location]

  • Latest in Geisel Ref Desk, earlier in Geisel Oversize
  • Latest in Geisel Ref Desk, earlier in Geisel upper floors
  • Latest in Geisel Ref, earlier in Geisel Floor1 West
  • Latest in Geisel Ref, earlier in Oversize, Geisel Floor8
  • Latest in Geisel Ref, earlier in Geisel CA Docs
  • Latest in Geisel Floor7, earlier in SRLF
  • Latest in BLB Ref, earlier in Books, BLB Floor2
  • Latest in East Asia Ref, earlier in main East Asia Collection
  • Latest 2 editions in BLB Ref, earlier in Books, BLB Floor2

Latest in [location], next in [location], rest in [location]

  • Latest in Geisel Ref, next in Geisel Floor6, rest in SRLF

Retain [...]

  • Retain latest 2 months only
  • Retain latest 5 years only
  • Retain latest year only
  • Retain latest edition
  • Retain latest only
  • Retain current 3 editions

Retain until [format] received

  • Retain until micro received

2. Identity notes (internal tag: "i")
Identity notes display on ROGER and in the UC union catalog. Add only information that users will find helpful such as format of item, special shelving location of some issues, shelving location when there is no location code established, or abrupt changes in the holdings field. There is no space limitation on the ROGER display.
Identity note examples:

3. Check notes (internal tag: "n")

Check notes are informal internal notes that reside in the checkin record. They do not display in ROGER or in the UC union catalog. Check notes do not display in the checkin card. A checkin record may have several check notes. Add check notes (with initials and date) to provide information to CARS Serials Acquisitions and BLB serials staff on processing incoming issues, to indicate cataloging treatment, or to record peculiarities regarding the serial title. Serials Catalogers should not delete check notes, unless they originally created them.

Check notes are often used to record claims made for the serial. Usually these notes are deleted when the issue arrives or the problem is solved, but if there is a series of problems with a particular order, the claim notes may need to be retained to provide a documented history of problems. Check with CARS Serials Acquisitions or BLB serials staff before deleting claim notes.

CARS and BLB serials staff use check notes such as "continues ..." or "continued by ..." for title changes when sending issues to the Books & Serials Metadata Unit for cataloging. Title change check notes are helpful to bindery staff and should be retained in the checkin record until the new title is cataloged and the old title is bound. Title change check notes are not added to e-journal checkin records.

Occasionally, retention notes are repeated in check notes if serials processing staff need to view them. Consult CARS Serials Acquisitions or branch staff before deleting retention information from check notes.

Unlike retention notes, check notes are free text and not standardized.  Examples:

  • Special editions are numbered arbitrarily as they are received. e.g. Suppl. no.1, no.2, etc.
  • ANALYZED  [See also: Analytics procedure (Monographic & serial)]
  • Not analyzed per sd 11-6-04
  • Analyze only volumes with distinctive titles
  • Recd Business news weekly sun, forwarding to Nobuko for title clarification, treated as a new title (.b3359059x) and not title change. djk7-20-05
  • Ceased with v. 17, no. 1, summer 1997 per pub.mc11-5-04 [use "ceased" if confirmed by publisher]
  • Suspended with 1999 per EBSCO. vpc 051014 [use "suspended" if cessation not confirmed by publisher]
  • Frequency varies
  • When last issue received for 2005, close out holdings, change c activity to i and remove this note. sn 09-05
  • Followed up on v. 23, nos. 1-2 in email to Claire at swets. sn 1-28-2004
  • Do not check in annual report from the Center here. It is cataloged separately, check in on .c1881371 mc050915
  • Record by year of coverage
  • Issue numbering assigned. summer=1,spr=2 [See also: Checkin record holdings]
  • Check in by year after Proceedings ..., not year of main journal
  • Vol. num. dropped with v.37, 1997. Check in by whole no.
  • Suppl called Papers in money, macroeconomics and finance is treated as a separate serial
  • Serial within serial. Also check in on .c11070181
  • Recd on sub to American statistics index .c1219133
  • Continues Geographical with v.67:5, May 1995
  • Continued by Royal Geographical Society magazine with v. 69:6, May 1997
  • Print edition ceased with 2004. Continues online with same title
  • Superseded by PBS
  • Discard if online
  • Discard hard copy when micro recd
  • Keep in binder
  • Claim within 30 days
  • 11-5-04 Claimed to date
  • 11-5-04 Vendor reports no due date for 1998 issue
  • Send superseded vols. to: John Brown, 0177K
  • Issue numbering dropped <May 2010>.  Numbering is now month/year. Vols. are represented by years, and months by numbers. e.g., October 2010 = v. 2010, no. 10. rmc100917

4. Checkmsg notes (internal tag: "m")
The checkmsg (check note message) is a "pop-up" instant check note message that displays in the checkin card. Since the checkmsg instantly displays in the checkin card upon retrieving the record, use the checkmsg option if there is vital immediate information that needs to be viewed by the serials processing staff. Multiple checkmsg notes can be added and will display in the checkin card.


CHECKMSG __ Please show next issue received to serials cataloger. vpc

CHECKMSG __ Analyze only issues with distinctive titles


5. Library Has notes (replacement issues)
Sometimes we receive/purchase reprint issues, different editions of issues (e.g., hardcover vs. softcover), or create in-house copies of issues (e.g., photocopies, microfilm, etc.) to replace and stand in for missing issues of a serial title.  Treat these replacement issues as original issues.  Do not catalog them separately. 

Add a note |z public note in the 866 holdings statement in the checkin record to indicate reprints or other editions.  This is important for digitization projects and when titles are transferred to SRLF.  If the current ROGER record does not represent the original publication, use the correct record. If it is a SRLF record, we also need to notify SRLF of any changes.

  • h 866 _0 |80|zKraus reprint ed.
  • h 866 _0 |80|zCD-ROM is a reprint of the entire archive of California coast & ocean
  • h 866 _0 |80|zMany volumes are reprints. Library does not have all volumes from 1919-2011  see individual records for exact holdings.
  • h 866 _0 |80|zv.1-8 (1930-1937) are reprints; v. 9, p.69-151 (1939) is a photocopy
  • h 866 _0 |80|zVol. 1 (1940-1942) is a reprint. Nendeln, Liechtenstein : Kraus Reprint, 1969
  • h 866 _0 |80|zVol. 18 (reprint ed.) contains indexes to nos. 46-1100
  • h 866 _0 |80|zVol. 77-95 are reprints, published: New York : Johnson Reprint Corporation, 1970
  • h 866 _0 |80|zVols. for 1931-1932 are reprints
  • h 866 _0 |80|zLibrary has reprint ed.

April 1993
Reviewed: November 14, 2017