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Creating Item Records for Serial Bound-Withs


Each physical volume of a serial can only have one item record for circulation. However, when a title change occurs within a volume, the holdings of that volume are reflected on at least two different bibliographic records. In order to alleviate confusion for our patrons, it is necessary to link the item record for the bound volume to the bibliographic records for each title within the volume. This way the volume's circulation status will display on all affected bibliographic records.


Attach an item record to the bib record for the first title bound in the volume:

  • Include volume information for the entire volume
  • Add the barcode to this record

Link the item record to each subsequent bibliographic record that have holdings bound in the volume:

  • In the item record, choose the "Edit" menu, and "Link to additional bib record"
  • Search for the title you would like to link the item record and open the record
  • Click on "Use bibliographic record"
  • Repeat if necessary

In rare instances, two or more unrelated serial titles will be bound together. In this case, it is best to beg the Preservation Dept. to physically separate the distinct titles. The Preservation Dept. will not separate successive titles bound together.

Created Jan. 21, 1992
Revised by Ryan Finnerty, Nov. 2, 1998
Reviewed and revised: Feb. 23, 2016