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Related Websites Cataloging Practice 

Frequently during the cataloging process, catalogers will encounter the presence of 856 fields with URLs that do not represent equivalent electronic versions of the text but are bibliographically related to the text to some degree.  These URLs for “related resources” appear in the 856 field with indicators “42” and comprise of content such as related websites for advertisements, associated bodies, catalogs, finding aids, publisher information, subscription information, etc. 

Supplementary materials, selected articles, updating information, indexes, summaries/abstracts, and table of contents may be considered constituent units of the resource and coded as 856 40 or 856 41.  Use the $3 to define the content to which the URL applies.  Do not add a 793 title hook.  Use the native URL (these links are not maintained). 

If a related link is the sole 856 link on a print record, do not treat it as an added electronic version (i.e., do not add a 793, NET branch code, nnet item, or nnet checkin records).   If it is the sole 856 link on a NET record, set the record to delete.

Website or database versions manifestations of a resource should be cataloged as integrating resources on their own record and not added to original manifestation records as related websites. 

Links to finding aids for SC&A resources are valid related links by default.  Use a $3 to define the contents of the link.

856 42 fields in OCLC records:

  1. Generally speaking, URLs are not revised or deleted once they are added to OCLC records due to OCLC's indexing needs and its electronic address checking software.  Catalogers are encouraged to correct URLs with obvious errors such as typos, but all other URLs can remain in the record.  URLs that are invalid or no longer represent the resource are coded with an appropriate subfield $z note (see OCLC-MARC coding guidelines).

    856 4# $z Link no longer valid as of MM/DD/YYYY $u http://example.com

  2. Do not add 856 42 fields to OCLC records except in the following situation affecting electronic resources:

    If a universal URL is not available for the resource being described, catalogers may include a URL pointing to the publisher’s website (e.g., about the resource) with a $3 note to describe the content.  This ensures that there is at least one URL in the record:

    856 42 $3 Publisher information $u http://alexanderstreet.com/products/academic-video-online-premium

856 42 fields in Roger records:

856 42 fields in OCLC records are prevented from export into Roger.  Do not add 856 42 fields to SCP records.  Do not add an 856 42 field to a local record unless it is requested by a selector.  Links to finding aids for SC&A resources are valid related links that do not require selector request and can be added by default. 

If a link for a related resource is requested by a selector, do the following:

  1. Add the 856 42 field with a $3 note to describe the content, $u with the native URL, and $x Valid related resource. 

    The $x is a local note to mark the validity and intent to retain the 856 42 field.
  2. Add a note to the checkin or item record using the following format:

856 42 link requested per [selector’s initials]. [cataloger's initials]YYMMDD

Checkin record note (serials):

Item record note (monographs):

The 856 42 link should be the last ordered 856 field in a record.

856 42 fields that have broken links, lack 856 $x, and/or a note in the checkin or item records will be deleted. 

Revised: May 9, 2017