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Request to Catalog an Internet Resource

(UC San Diego Library Selectors Only)

Or contact a UC San Diego Library Selector.

Use this form to request cataloging for the following types of Internet resources:

Request cataloging of an individual open-access Internet resource for Roger and Melvyl.

  • Please do not submit requests for newsgroups, mailing lists, or bulletin boards.

Request cataloging for trials of electronic resource packages and resources under consideration for local licensing (Tier 3).

  • Trials of electronic resource packages and resources will be cataloged at the database level only.

Request cataloging of all titles available at a single website offering open access resources.

  • All titles must be open access. If not all titles are open access, or if cataloging is desired only for selected titles, please submit separate requests (one for each title you would like cataloged)

Request title-level cataloging for individual items within a database (either open access or UCSD licensed).

  • MSD staff will evaluate these requests to determine cataloging feasibility. In general we will accept these requests if 50 or fewer titles are published in a year. If there are more than that, or if there are other extenuating circumstances, we will route this request to the Collection Coordinators Group for prioritization.