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Music and Media Cataloging and Metadata Cataloging and Processing Workflows

Sound Recordings

Sound recordings will be coming from CARS for current purchases and for gifts. All recordings should have bibliographic records on Innopac with item records attached, and some will have order records. The items should all arrive barcoded, many with the barcode number entered into the item record. Some will also arrive with accession numbe labels already attached.

Store CDs in the cabinets in the student area. All materials will be sorted by where they are in the workflow. The low cabinet will contain items awaiting processing/cataloging, and in the tall unit are those that have already been cataloged. It is not necessary to lock the cabinets, but we want to keep the items out of sight behing the closed doors of the cabinets when they're not being actively worked on.

CDs/LPs To Be Labelled/Sorted bin box/shelf Items just brought over from CARS should go here. Label items with an accession number (MU label) if not already labeled, and enter the number into the item record using an 099 field. Next, view the bibliographic record to see if there is OCLC copy for the item, and if so, if it matches. If a mismatch, search OCLC for copy and overlay bib. Once the match has been verified, sort into categories based on whether copy is available.

  • CDs/LPs With Copy bin box/shelf: This bin box or shelf will store items that have OCLC copy.
  • CDs To Be Shelved bin boxes: For security reasons, place CDs ready to be transported to the Media Desk in this box in the tall cabinet. Students will check this box at least twice a week to see if items need to be taken downstairs.


Scores will arrive from CARS from the same sources as sound recordings, and they should have Innopac records online, similar to as sound recordings. Scores will be sorted by whether they have copy and will be placed on the shelves below. All should come barcoded and with the barcode numbers already entered into their item records

  • Scores With Copy shelf: Items with exact OCLC copy go here. Pull items for copy cataloging from this shelf.
  • Scores Without Copy shelf: No OCLC items go here. Pull items for original and variant cataloging from this location.

Once a score is cataloged, place it on the Labeling & Distribution (L&D)shelf labeled "Music." L&D will verify the online information, and then either send the score to Bindery or label the item themselves.


Most Videotapes and video DVDs will arrive with Innopac records online. Those that went through our video vendor will already have labels and barcodes on them, though the call numbers and barcodes my not be in the item records. If a video acks a call number, search Roger for the last-used video call number, and assgn the next one to it, following the instructions in the Labeling and Barcoding Music and Media Material document. Sort videos in the cabinet into thre categories: Videos awaiting processing, videos with copy, and videos withot copy. Cataloged videos materials will go to the Media Desk where they will be checked in and labeled if not labeled already.