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Labelling and Barcoding Music and Moving Image Material

Scope: This document describes and illustrates the physical processing for all types of audio and moving image material and computer discs that will be shelved at the Geisel West Wing Media Desk. It is for the use of the Technical Services staff of the UCSD Library (with the exception of Special Collections.)

  1. Preliminaries
  2. Labeling and Barcoding
  3. Barcoding Scores
  4. Barcoding Books
  5. Appendices


1. Preliminaries

Number of Barcodes

The use and placement of single, double or triple barcodes (1-up, 2-up, 3-up) is determined by format type.

Assigning Accession Numbers (“Call” Numbers)

2. Labeling and Barcoding

Sound recording formats

Moving image material


Accompanying Material (ORW sequence):  All formats may have oversize printed or illustrated material. It normally fits in a 9 x 12 manila envelope. Use a 2-up barcode on envelope and contents and create an item record. A cross referencing (“linking”) label is attached to the sound recording, video, book or score: "Accompanying material [booklet, etc.] shelved at Media Desk as ORW xxxx." The accompanying material does not receive a linking label.
Examples in Appendix

Accompanying Material (Media in a different non-print format): When primary media is accompanied by material in a different media format (e.g., a CD accompanying a DVD), both items require linking labels.

3. Barcoding Scores

Use 2-up barcodes. Look at the number of signatures in the score:  

Follow the same instructions for oversized material and horizontal scores. Barcodes should be placed as close to these positions as possible without obscuring important information.

4. Barcoding Books

Use 2-up barcodes. Place 1st on upper left corner of cover at least 1/2 inch from top and side. Do not cover information. Place 2nd on upper middle of first available interior page. If needed, the linking label also goes on this page. Remove jacket and route to "For display" bin in closed stacks. Call number labels will be produced and attached in Database Management Labeling & Distribution.

5. Appendices

A. Item Type Codes of Interest to Music & Media Catalogers

Format Media Desk audio Blu-ray VHS DVD Laser 16mm Score ORW Optical computer discs*
Item type 18 22 24 61 42 26 17 36 45
Location gslw gslw gslw gslw gslw gslw gslw gslw gslw
*CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs and other computer discs stored at the Listening Desk are assigned the accession number prefix MZ

B. Location Codes of Interest to Music & Media Catalogers

Location Item Location Bibliographic Branch
Music Scores/Books cmk gslw
Music Scores/Books--Oversize cmo gslw
Media Desk, Limited Use (Audio) cma gslw
Offsite Annex-Limited Use (Audio) cmax gslw
Media Desk, Reserves csm gslw
Media Desk, Limited Use (Moving Image) fk gslw
FVL Reserves fs gslw

C. Illustrations

Typcial CD: Call number written on inner ring of disc Typical CD case showing labels onf jewel box and on booklet
Typical CD case dissembledCD set with libretto in jewel case
Spine of box of multiple circulating CDsCDs stored in individual jewel cases
CDs issued in thin sleeves and housed in box

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Audiocassette Side 2Audiocassette container

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DAT Tapes
DAT tape detailContainer for DAT tape

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LP labelLP jacket with labels

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PCM Tapes
PCM cassette with labelsPCM tape container

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Audio Tape Reels
Reel tape spool with barcode and call number labels on spokesReel box detail

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Videocassette tape with labels
VHS tape case bottom VHS tape box fron with orange dot to indicate PAL format

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DVDs and Laserdiscs

DVD disc labeled on inner ringDVD case with labels
Laserdisc label

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16mm Film
Film reel container with Film reel container spine

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Typical CD-ROM

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Accompanying Materials
ORW EnvelopeDVD with accompanying material

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Scores--Single Signature
Single signature score

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Scores--Multiple Signatures (Cover, inside cover)
Cover of multiple-signature score Title page of multiple-signature score

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