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Early Imprints

Special Collections provides special access points for early imprints falling within the following parameters:

     European:  before 1601.

     Eastern U.S.:  before 1820.

     Western U.S., Latin American:  before 1860.

     California:  before 1875.

     All items cataloged following DCRM

The Mississippi River is the dividing line for the Eastern and Western United States.

Place of publication

Provide a 752 field for the place of printing/publication.

          Examples: 752     England $d London.

                          752     United States $b New York $d Albany.

Note that "United States:" is used in $a for early U.S. imprints so as to collocate them instead of strewing them about by state name.

Name added entries

Trace the name of any printer, publisher, or other significant function found on the item.  Many of these names are problematic to establish; consult "Authority work sources" procedure.

Reviewed Nov 17, 1998

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